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The Intersection of Telco Standards and Cloud Native Automation Principles Through Open Source – Sana Tariq, TELUS Communications

In this talk, we will briefly review the journey of the telco’s transformation from virtualization to cloudification to assess our challenges and lessons learned.

Telco standards for automation/ orchestration ETSI/3GPP and TM forum facilitated intent-based automation but heterogeneity across our cloud, network functions, and automation tools/solutions deprived us of achieving automation at scale.

We need to focus on cloud-native functions following 12 factors as well as automation principles to simplify templates, APIs, and services for 5G and edge. There is an opportunity to drive industry standards and vendors through open source e.g., CNCF and Nephio.

That would enable to us build our Hybrid cloud future that can leverage the value of the cloud APIs, and environmental services with AI/ML-based optimizations for cost and performance. I will share the why, what and How of Project Nephio from service provider’s lense.

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