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Making On-Prem Bare-Metal Kubernetes Network Stack Telco Ready

If your task is to do Kubernetes at scale and at speed (read: 100s & 1000s of clusters instantly provisioned on-demand), in a complex on-prem environment, on bare metal (yes, no overlay networks, raw power) you will quickly find that the legacy network and network legacy are some of your biggest enemies. No matter how much Kubernetes gets easy on its own, making it usable in such context will require a lot of plumbing, workflows, host tuning etc. If you are a telco, like Deutsche Telekom with historically grown multitude of heavily segmented networks with 100s of historically grown overlapping VRFs it is practically mission impossible. In this talk Deutsche Telekom will share how they tackled that challenge and how they reimagined and implemented network fabric for on-prem bare metal Kubernetes cloud which pretty cloud natively supports their internal Cluster-as-a-Service offering. This cloud is hosting clusters where some of their most demanding applications like 5G core are running.

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