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Ericsson offers a suite of products and services to support Cloud Native transformation for telcos. Ericsson Cloud Native Infrastructure is specifically optimized for hosting cloud-native 5 […]
Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform gives application teams a self-service platform to speed up development cycles. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform comes with native support for all major cloud a […]
AWS Telco
AWS has a multi-faceted presence in the Telco industry, offering both services for the sector, including partner solutions, as well as directly offering their own telecomms products such as […]
Azure for Operators
Microsoft has a dedicated telecommunications business unit that delivers their Azure for Operators solution set, which is being adopted by carriers like AT&T. The portfolio is made up o […]
VMware Telco Cloud
VMware offers an industry solution their Telco Cloud Platform, a modernization solution that deploys Cloud Native and Virtual Network Function consistently, at web-scale speed, and without […]
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