Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform gives application teams a self-service platform to speed up development cycles.

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform comes with native support for all major cloud and on-premise providers.

Deploy clusters with a consistent experience across your preferred infrastructure stack. Eliminate vendor lock-in and dynamically move workloads based on your requirements.

Run both modern cloud native microservices and legacy applications with centralized governance, security, and control. Empower teams to run their infrastructure while still keeping it in line with global policies. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is certified by the CNCF and enterprise-proven.

They recently raised $6m seed funding to accelerate growth of their open source Kubernetes Automation Platform.

5G on Kubernetes

Kubermatic enables service providers to run 5G from the cloud to the core data center to the edge on Kubernetes.

  • Kubernetes for 5G Core: Flexible core to edge cloud implementations, rapidly deploy clusters and services in minutes and elastically scalable capacity for on-demand requirements.
  • Cloud Native Network Functions (CNF): Manage network functions running in containers, improve network throughput with next generation deployments and scale out capacity to meet peak demands.
  • Centralized Kubernetes Management for Edge Deployment: Operate thousands of clusters in the central office or for RAN, manage provisioning and lifecycle management from one centralized control plane and flexibly deploy to different locations and use cases.

Read more in their solution brief.

Kubermatic has delivered the first Cloud Native 5G demo, where a Cloud Native 5G network was keynoted at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America. The demo showed a live prototype running in labs around the world using Kubernetes and other open source technologies to deliver a fully containerized 5G network on stage in San Diego and carry out a phone call with a person in France.

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